Take off and log on!

The future has arrived. Enjoy inflight Wi-Fi connectivity when flying on our all-new fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliners. We also have in-seat power outlets, so you can take non-stop selfies without having to worry about running out of battery juice.

Why fly with Wi-Fi

  • No excess charges. You will be charged for a fixed duration of use, not for running data or time consumed.
  • Great for connecting flights. As long as your Wi-Fi session has duration left, you can continue surfing on your onward flight.
  • Stay connected. Share your selfies, catch up with friends, or even read up on your destination before you land.

Inflight Wi-Fi connectivity is available in 4 session plans:

Wi-Fi session plan*PriceFeatures
'Social-Lite' 20MB plan US$ 5 Great for chat and social apps
20MB data limit
64kbps surfing speed limit
No duration limits
1 hour US$ 11.95 No data limits
3 hours US$ 16.95 No data limits
24 hours US$ 21.95 No data limits

*Your Wi-Fi session duration starts from the time you first log in, and continues even if you log off or lose connectivity temporarily.

How to purchase Wi-Fi

Pre-purchase Wi-Fi online when you book your flights on flyscoot.com.** You will receive an email with your Wi-Fi login details after your flight booking is confirmed. Remember to print or save this email for your flight. We will not be able to retrieve your login details on board!

Purchase Wi-Fi on board your flight. Connect to the 'ScootWiFi' hotspot network, launch the the inflight portal on your browser, and purchase your Wi-Fi session. All major credit cards and PayPal are accepted for payment.

**Note: the 'Social-Lite' 20MB plan may only be purchased on board during your flight.

How to access Wi-Fi on your flight

  • Once your flight reaches cruising altitude, enable Wi-Fi on your device and connect to the 'ScootWiFi' hotspot network.
  • Launch your web browser and wait for the Wi-Fi portal loading page. Alternatively, enter the web address www.scootwifi.com to load the portal.
  • Proceed to purchase Wi-Fi on board, or login to your session if you have already pre-purchased Wi-Fi.

For more info, refer to the Help & FAQs in our inflight portal or the ScooTV guide in your seat pocket.

In-seat power: 100% battery, 0% worry

In-seat power is available on Scoot’s Boeing 787 Dreamliners fleet. With standard 110V/60Hz charging outlets, you can charge all your gadgets during your flight.

ScootBiz customers can enjoy complimentary access to in-seat power outlets on every seat. Economy customers can purchase power outlet access for a small fee.

Looking for inflight entertainment?

Falling behind on awesome blockbusters or your favourite shows? We’ve got you covered! Find out more about our ScooTV inflight entertainment service today.


Q: On which flights is Wi-Fi available?

A: Wi-Fi is available on all Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

Q: How is my Wi-Fi usage tracked?

A: Your Wi-Fi session duration starts from the moment you first log in, and continues even if you log off or lose connectivity temporarily. The session will expire once there is no balance remaining.

Q: Can I access Wi-Fi with multiple devices?

A: Yes, but only one device can be connected at a time.

Q: What credit cards are accepted for on board purchases of Wi-Fi?

A: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, JCB and China UnionPay are accepted.

Q: Is Wi-Fi connectivity available at all stages of the flight?

A: Wi-Fi connectivity is only available when the aircrafts is at an altitude of 10,000 feet or higher.

Q: How fast is the Wi-Fi connectivity speed?

A: You should experience speeds similar to the public Wi-Fi/WLAN connections available on the ground. But the actual bandwidth relies on several factors, including the satellite connection to the aircraft, the number of aircraft connected to the satellite, and the number of passengers concurrently using the service.

Q: Can I use YouTube or other streaming video services on Wi-Fi?

A: Yes, but you may experience occasional delays and buffering depending on your video resolution and the actual Wi-Fi bandwidth at the time of your use.

Q: I purchased Wi-Fi, but it was not available or not working on my flight. Where can I get a refund?

A: If you had pre-purchased Wi-Fi before your flight and wish to provide feedback or request a refund, please contact our Call Centre. If you purchased Wi-Fi onboard, please contact HotSpot Customer Care Centre (+49 228 939 2000 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).