Scoot's Privacy Statement

Scoot ('Scoot', 'We', 'Us', 'Our') collects Personal Data about You when a booking is made with Us (whether by You on or Your behalf), when You visit Our website, when You call Us, or when You deal with Us directly, for example at airport counters. We may also collect PD from job applicants.

Personal Data (PD)

PD is any data whether true or not, about an individual who can be identified —

  • from that data; or
  • from that data and other information to which the organisation has or is likely to have access

Collection and Use

Scoot collects PD about You in order better to provide You with personal services such as air travel and associated products such as travel insurance and accommodation, as well as to market Our products and services. Scoot must also collect PD and other information about You to comply with laws relating to air travel, immigration, customs and security.

The types of PD that Scoot collects about You includes:

  • Personal information that links back to the individual including name, date of birth, address, phone number, email address, passport details and nationality;
  • Contact information e.g., address, phone number, email address;
  • Payment information e.g., credit card or debit card information, including the name of the cardholder, card number, billing address and expiry date;
  • Travel information e.g., flight information, dietary and seating or other service preferences;
  • Health information e.g., medical records or requests;
  • Technical information e.g., IP address;

Scoot will only collect PD that We reasonably require in the course of providing You with services or that We are required or permitted by law to collect. We will only collect by lawful and fair means in accordance with this Privacy Statement and relevant legislation.

We will assume, unless You tell Us otherwise, that You have consented to the collection of information about You for use in accordance with this Privacy Statement, which may vary from time to time. You may withdraw consent at any time; however, We will no longer be able to provide You with air travel or other services.

You may interact with Us anonymously or using a pseudonym only for very limited purposes, such as calling Our call centre to make an inquiry or contacting Our Data Protection Officer. We will not be able to provide You any travel services or related purchases if You choose to remain anonymous or use a pseudonym because We are required by law to provide Your details to Customs, Immigration and security officials at the time of travel.

We will use Your PD for the following purposes, amongst others:

  • Processing, and collecting payment for the flight booking for You and any companions;
  • Being aware of any special travel requirements (health or otherwise) You or Your travelling companion may have;
  • Providing You with confirmation of Your flight booking and advising You of any changes to Your itinerary;
  • Improving the flight booking process, including collecting preferences indicated by You when signing up for Our Scoot Account Subscriptions;
  • Confirming Your identity when You check in;
  • Processing and provision of Your purchase of in-flight services such as video, entertainment, food and beverages, and any other services which best meet Your preferences and needs (which We may collect during Our interactions with You);
  • Addressing any feedback or complaints You may have;
  • Assisting Customs and Immigration officials;
  • Answering any queries You may have, providing technical assistance, assisting in and administering the flight booking transaction, providing flight alert messages through Our mobile services facility, facilitating internet check-in;
  • Contacting You for product or customer satisfaction surveys;
  • Research and analytics purposes, including market research;
  • Marketing and communicating with You in relation to Our, and Our airline and service partners’, as well as Our appointed agents’, products and services. This includes collecting data relating to Your use of Our website to offer You personalized electronic content and electronic marketing material pertaining to Our, and Our airline and service partners’, as well as Our appointed agents’, products and services; and
  • Safety, security and legal compliance.

In connection with the above, We may, from time to time, collect, disclose, transfer and jointly use Your PD to and with Our parent company, subsidiaries and affiliated airlines. In addition, We may disclose Your PD to third parties, such as Our travel and freight service providers or travel-related businesses and service providers, partner airlines, airport management, security personnel and other carriers.

If You also subscribe to Our mailing list, We may email to You updates about Our products and services.

If We use or disclose Your personal information for a purpose (the 'secondary purpose') other the main reason for which it was originally collected (the 'primary purpose'), to the extent required by law We will ensure that:

  • The secondary purpose is related to the primary purpose of collection and You would reasonably expect that We would use or disclose Your information in that way; or
  • You have consented to the use or disclosure of Your personal information for the secondary purpose; or
  • The use or disclosure is required or authorised by or under law; or
  • The use or disclosure is otherwise permitted by law (for example, as a necessary part of an investigation of suspected unlawful activity).
If We receive unsolicited PD that We could not have collected in accordance with this Privacy Statement and all applicable legislation, then that PD will be destroyed or de-identified as soon as practicable.

Employment Applications

If You make an employment application to Us, whether solicited or not, We will collect PD about You. The type of PD We collect is the information included in Your application: name, date of birth, address, phone number, email address, career history, education details or other information relating to Your career.
In considering Your application, We may also obtain personal information about You from third parties, for example, from Your previous employers or nominated referees. We may also collect sensitive information about You such as information about Your health (including any disability) or any criminal record that You may have.

We collect personal information for any one or more of the following purposes:

  • Assess You for a position or positions with Us or Our related entities;
  • Assess whether You are suitable to progress to each stage of the recruitment process; or
  • Store Your information for future job opportunities.
If You do not provide Us with the information We seek, We will be unable to do one or more of the above.
We may disclose Your personal information to:
  • Organisations that conduct competency or psychometric tests;
  • Referees or previous employers;
  • Recruitment agencies or related entities acting on Our behalf;
  • Our related entities;
  • Law enforcement agencies to verify whether You have a criminal record; or
  • Educational or vocational organisations to the extent necessary to verify Your qualifications.
If We engage third-party contractors to perform services for Us which involves handling personal information We will take reasonable steps to prohibit the contractor from using personal information except for the purposes for which it was supplied.

Where and how stored

Your PD is stored depending on the type of products or services You have requested from Us. For air travel and related services, Your PD may be stored in Our booking system, Our departure control systems, Our Customer Relations Management System and in Our email database.
PD collected by Scoot or on Our behalf is held securely in systems in Singapore, Australia, the Philippines and Ireland. We regularly review developments in security and encryption technologies. We will only hold Your PD for as long as required for the purposes for which it was collected or as otherwise required or permitted by law.

Where and how transmitted and to whom disclosed

Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed as totally secure. Accordingly, although We strive to protect such information, We cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information You transmit to Us or from Our online products or services and You do so at Your own risk.
For travel-related purposes, We may transfer Your PD to any of Our flight destinations or the flight destinations of Our airline partners, including points in: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Viet Nam, the Philippines, Australia, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, the Maldives, Myanmar, China, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. We may also transfer PD held by Us or on Our behalf between Singapore, Australia, the Philippines and Ireland, where Our data storage or third-party processing facilities are located. PD collected on Our behalf by Our third-party call-centre contractors is shared only with Us.
You understand and consent to such transfers as being necessary for Us to fulfil Your flight and other arrangements.
If You are included in a booking with Us for travel with other persons, You agree that We may share some of Your PD with the other people in Your booking.

Booking of ancillary services

When You make a booking for a related travel product, such as a hotel or a rental car, via the Scoot website, We act only as a data intermediary for the organisation that is selling You the product. As a data intermediary, We may collect PD from You for the booking. This PD will be securely held in the same manner as if We were collecting it from You for Our purposes. When You click through to the Website of the organisation selling You the product, You may see that organisation's data protection policy and Scoot has no control over such policies.

Access, correction, withdrawal of consent

If You do not wish to remain a subscriber to Our mailing list or otherwise receive updates on Our products and services, You are able to unsubscribe from Our mailing list via Our website, by clicking on the ‘Unsubscribe’ link on an email from Us or by contacting the Data Protection Officer.
We may contact You in order to ensure that the PD that We hold about You is correct and up-to-date.
Subject to any applicable laws or regulations, You may request access to Your PD held by Us You may also ask Us to detail how Your PD has been used in the past twelve months, and You may also require Us to correct or delete Your PD, including Your email address, that We hold. We will respond promptly to all such requests, which should be made to the Data Protection Officer. However, We may charge an administrative fee to help Us recover the costs incurred to supply such information to You.

In exceptional circumstances, We may not be able to comply with Your request, but will provide you with the explanation for refusal, where applicable. Exceptional circumstances include where:

  • An investigating authority or government institution objects to Scoot™ complying with a customer’s request,
  • The information may, in the exercise of Scoot™’s reasonable discretion and/or assessment, affect the life or security of an individual, and
  • Data is collected in connection with an investigation of a breach of contract, suspicion of fraudulent activities or contravention of law.

Scoot Data Protection Officer

Scoot has appointed a Data Protection Officer, who will respond to any requests or concerns from You regarding this Privacy Statement, what PD is held by Us and how it has been used.

Contact details: Data Protection Officer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Information that is not Personal Data

In addition, Scoot also collects behavioural data that is not Personal Data from Our customers when You visit the website. Behavioural data is stored for analytical purposes and is entirely anonymous.

If You visit Our website, some of the information We and Our contractors collect about Your visit to Our website is not personal information because it does not reveal Your identity. Information of this nature can include:

Site Visit Information

When You visit Our website, information about Your visit may include Your server address, the date and time of Your visit, the pages You accessed, the information You downloaded and the type of Internet browser You used.
We or Our contractors may use this information in anonymous, aggregated form, for statistical purposes only, to assist Us in improving the quality and usability of Our website.


A cookie is a small string of information that a website transfers to Your browser for identification purposes. The cookies We or Our contractors use may identify individual users.

Cookies can either be "persistent" or "session" based. Persistent cookies are stored on Your computer, contain an expiration date and are mainly for the user's convenience. Session cookies are short-lived and are held on Your browser's memory only for the duration of Your session, they are used only during a browsing session and expire when You quit Your browser.We or Our contractors may use both session and persistent cookies. This information may be used to personalise Your current visit to Our and Our contractors' websites. Upon closing Your browser, the session cookie is destroyed.

Most Internet browsers can be set to accept or reject cookies. If You do not want to accept cookies, You can adjust Your Internet browser to reject cookies or to notify You when they are being used. Rejecting cookies may limit the functionality of Our website.

Partnership with Adara and Sojern

Scoot partners advertising networks, Adara ( and Sojern (, to capture non-personally identifiable data from You through third-party cookies. This enables Adara and Sojern to display targeted and relevant messages from selected third-party websites, based on Your viewing behaviour on the Scoot websites and other selected websites. Your non-personally identifiable data is shared by Scoot with Adara and Sojern in the strictest confidence, for the unique purpose of serving more relevant advertising. Standards have been defined to ensure appropriate advertising is served, and all served advertisements offer the possibility for You to opt out of such selective advertising by Adara and Sojern. However, We have no control over the use of cookies by Adara and Sojern. There are two ways for You to opt-out of cookie use:

For Adara

  • By visiting and clicking ‘Submit’; or
  • Through the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) or the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioural Advertising, of which Adara is member. Each of these programmes provides an opt-out page where You can exercise control over members/’participants’ cookies from a central location.

For Sojern

Updates to Scoot’s Privacy Statement

Scoot will amend this Privacy Statement from time to time without notice, and the updated versions will be posted on Scoot’s website and date stamped so that you are aware of when the Privacy Statement was last updated. Subject to applicable laws, the English version of this Privacy Statement will prevail over any version of this Privacy Statement in another language. In the event of any inconsistency in interpretation between the English version and any translation of the Privacy Statement, this Privacy Statement in English will prevail.

Last updated: 3 November 2017