The world's first all 787 Dreamliner airline

We are not in the business of making bold statements, but Scoot's full fleet of spanking new Boeing 787 Dreamliners are guaranteed to re-define your travel experience. They're quieter, roomier, lighter and most importantly, they don't come with a bigger price tag!

What's more, their advanced technology and lighter weight also mean more fuel efficiency. And that means more cost savings for us and lower fares for you! So everyone's a winner.

787 2

Wide-Body Aircraft

Travel on cloud nine in our spacious cabins and roomy seats. One of the many perks of an all wide-body fleet! Remember, size matters!

Adjustable Headrests

Our Super and Stretch seats come with more legroom and adjustable headrests. All our seats recline as well! Find out more about about our Economy class seat options here.

Large Overhead Bins

Stash your laptop bag or that Extra Cabin Bag safely overhead. More space for you and your bags!

Inflight Wi-Fi

Surf the web, check your emails and stay connected throughout your flight at 40,000 feet in the air! Find out more about our 787 inflight Wi-Fi.

In-Seat Power

Never run out of batteries on-board. Our in-seat power outlets help to keep your devices charged when you're scooting with us. Find out more here.

Quieter Engines

Need some shut-eye on board? Bring it on!

Low Airfares

For once, greater comfort doesn’t come with a bigger price tag. Fares will still be kept at low and affordable Scoot-friendly prices. Check out our latest fares and travel deals now.

4X Cabin Moisture

Feel refreshed with hydrated skin that goes Boeing, Boeing.

Fresher Air

Breathe easy with our clean, bacteria-free air onboard. Leave your face masks and sanitizers at home.

Mood Lighting

Our cabin lights change colour depending on the time of the day. Some say they even turn into a rainbow when it's time to bring out some Scootitude mid-flight!