Skip the queues!

Airport check-in

Scoot's check-in counters open 3hrs before scheduled departure and close 60mins before scheduled departure with no exceptions.

All guests are strongly advised to arrive at the airport at least 120mins before departure so you may complete check-in procedures on time.

Scoot's check-in counters at Singapore Changi Airport are located at Row 10, Terminal 2.

Web Check-in

Long lines… ain’t nobody got time for that! You can now check in online for Scoot flights before arriving at the airport. Web Check-in is available from 48hrs to 3hrs before flight departure.

What's more, with the Scoot-to-Gate service, you can skip the counters and head straight to departure immigration. Find out more below.

Eligible flights

Only flights departing from Singapore are currently eligible for Web Check-in. In addition, you must not have connecting flights in your itinerary (i.e. you have a point-to-point journey).

Available for:
  • Individual or group travellers (excluding travel agent bookings)
  • Guests with only carry-on baggage or check-in baggage
  • Scoot flights departing from Singapore
  • Bookings made through, Scoot Call Centre or 3rd party travel websites (e.g. Expedia)
  • Guests travelling with infants
  • Pregnant guests
Not available for:
  • Guests who require special assistance (e.g. wheelchairs, extra seats, visual or hearing impairments)
  • Bookings made through group travel agents
  • Journeys with multiple connecting flights
  • Standby or staff duty travel bookings
  • Guests who have purchased MaxYourSpace
  • Guests who are awaiting confirmation of their MaxYourSpace or Bid 4 Biz requests
Web Check-in: 8 Simple Steps
  1. Go to Enter your booking reference, last name, and departing airport for the flight you wish to check-in for. Your booking reference can be found in your booking confirmation email or flight itinerary.
  2. Choose the passengers, flights and number of check-in baggage pieces which you want to check-in for.
  3. You may purchase additional baggage allowance or seat selection/extra legroom at this point
  4. Provide any additional passenger information as required
  5. Pay attention to the baggage restrictions and prohibited/dangerous goods information
  6. Confirm and complete Web Check-in!
  7. Finally, choose how you want to receive your boarding pass:
    • Download PDF boarding pass now and print
    • Have your boarding pass emailed to you and print later
  8. Prepare any travel documents you’ll need, pack your bags and get outta here!

Still have questions? Click here for our FAQs.


Scoot-to-Gate is our special service that allows passengers to skip the counters and head straight to departure immigration.

You are eligible if you have:

  • Checked in online
  • No checked baggage
  • No document check requirements

This will be confirmed once you complete Web Check-in and receive your home-printed boarding passes via email. Check if your boarding pass says “You are eligible for Scoot-to-Gate.”

Bag drop and document checks

All guests who have checked in online and need to drop their checked baggage or have their travel documents verified must proceed to the Web Check-in counter at Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 2 (Row 10) at least 120 minutes before departure to verify your travel documents and drop off any check-in baggage. These services open 3hrs before departure and close 60mins before departure.

Please have your printed boarding passes and any necessary documents ready!

Boarding gate opens 60mins before departure and closes 20mins before departure. If you are not there in time, you won’t be able to climb aboard the flight. So no stopping to smell the roses!

Check in (Stats)

Early Check-in

Check in (Early)
Beat the queues at Singapore’s Changi Airport

Ever wish you could spend a little more time in Singapore, without having to worry about that pesky luggage?

With Early Check-in, you can check in up to 12 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight. That’s more than enough time to spend a day out in downtown Singapore or dine and shop in the world-famous Changi Airport!

Early Check-in is available for flights departing from Singapore at no additional charge. Simply proceed to the following counters at Row 10, Terminal 2, to check in early for your flight:

  • During flight operating hours - ScootBiz counter
  • Outside of flight operating hours - any open Scoot check-in counters

For more information on Early Check-in, refer to our FAQ.


Check in (First on board)
If you ain’t first, you’re last

First-on-Board gives you priority check-in and priority boarding privileges so you can beat the queues! You’ll be entitled to check-in for your flights at the ScootBiz/Priority check-in counter. You’ll also be one of the first few to board the flight, which means more time to get comfortable and stow your luggage before take-off.

How to purchase First-on-Board

You can purchase First-on-Board online when you book your flights on

For more information on First-on-Board, refer to our FAQ.

Want to start your Scoot journey in even more style?

With our Scoot-in-Style service, you can enjoy airport lounge access together with First-on-Board privileges! Read more about Scoot-in-Style here.