Choice of Payment Currency

For your convenience we offer you to make the payment in the currency of your choice when you book via with your Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit card. For booking made via Scoot Mobile App or Call Centre, we also offer you the choice of paying in either the pricing currency applicable to your booking or (if different) the currency of your payment card. The offer is valid for your current payment only and may not be available for later transactions whether relating to the same or other bookings.

When a currency conversion takes place, the exchange rate is based on a wholesale exchange rate plus an average margin of six percent, which may be more competitive than the rate offered by your card provider.

If you select the option of paying in your card currency then the payment currency total shown on screen will be shown on your card statement. Alternatively, if you choose to pay in the pricing currency (or other non-card currency) then the final amount billed on your card statement will be determined at a later date.

Note: Additional charges may be imposed by credit card issuing banks for all international transactions.