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Looking to upsize your Scoot experience?

Extra Cabin Bag is suspended till further notice due to Covid-19 precautionary measures put in place for passenger and crew safety. Please refer to our official travel advisory for the latest updates.



Packed with everything that you'll need on board, ScootPlus is no fuss and all fun!

Here’s what you can expect on your ScootPlus flight:

Scootplus (seats)

UPSIZE your seat

to our comfortable leather seats with double legroom.

Scootplus (baggage)

UPSIZE your baggage

with 30KG check-in baggage allowance and 2 pieces (up to 15kg) of cabin baggage.

Scootplus (meals)

UPSIZE your meal plan

with a wide selection of meals and beverages to choose from. Plus, enjoy a complimentary welcome drink.

Scootplus (boarding experience)

UPSIZE your boarding experience

with priority check-in and boarding.

Scootplus (connectivity)

UPSIZE your connectivity

with in-seat power to charge your devices and 30MB WI-FI so you can stay connected.

Sit back and chillax on ScootPlus

Full leather seats with at least 38” (96cm) of legroom, 22” (56cm) of width, 6” (15cm) of recline and fully adjustable headrests and legrests.

ScootPlus seats

Scootbiz (seats)ScootPlus (perks)Scootbiz (perks)ScootPlus (perks)

Mixed cabin ScootPlus booking

For Scoot flights that connect from a Boeing 787 to Airbus 320 aircraft and vice versa (e.g. Sydney to Kuala Lumpur, connecting in Singapore), you now have the option of selecting ScootPlus “Mixed Cabin” for your booking.

For ScootPlus “Mixed Cabin” bookings, you will enjoy the ScootPlus cabin and complimentary perks on our Boeing 787 aircraft. For your connecting sectors on our Airbus 320 aircraft1, you will enjoy:

  • Free seat selection2
  • 30kg check-in baggage
  • 15kg cabin baggage
  • Choice of meals + non-alcoholic beverage3
  • Priority check-in & boarding4

1 WI-FI and in-seat power are not available on our Airbus 320 aircraft.
2 You can select any seat on your flight on an Airbus 320 aircraft on a first-come-first-serve basis.
3 For flights on Airbus 320 aircrafts that are below 90 minutes, you will be served a set of light refreshment.
4 Priority check-in and boarding may not be available at certain airports.

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