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Booking tips

To be Scoot's BSP-authorised agent, please proceed to register via our Agent Portal.

API Connections
Scoot Direct

Designed specifically for agents and third parties who wish to sell Scoot flights on their own sites/applications.


To connect via Travelfusion, click to register and join their program. Your application will be evaluated and processed by Travelfusion.

Payment options

  1. Credit card
  2. Agency Credit*
  3. BSP**

* Agency Credit: Online Agency Top Up Portal User Guide
If you have an existing Groups Online Booking system account, you can sign in with the Travel Admin’susername and password.
Sign up page / Registration guide
If you have an existing Groups Online Portal account, you can sign in with the Travel Admin’s username and password
Top up requests will be processed within 2 working days.

**Terms and Conditions for ADM Policy can be read here.

Group bookings

To request for group quotations, please log on to Groups Online Booking System. For further enquiries, write to Sales@flyscoot.com.