Our Promise to You

Our promise to you

At Scoot, we strive to deliver a great flight every time. There will be times however, where things don't go according to plan. Usually, these moments are due to our strict adherence to flight safety standards or external factors such as weather or air traffic delays. Regardless of the reasons for your travel disruption, it's important you understand your rights and responsibilities.

Scoot is empowering travellers like never before, but with this comes a greater responsibility to make your own decisions! We highly recommend you purchase comprehensive travel insurance so you can 'Scoot' with peace-of-mind. To top it off, we've taken the time to publish our guest promise so you know exactly what you can expect from us. It's not ‘fine-print’, but rather our straightforward and sincere commitment to you.

For Scoot flight to and from the U.S. only, please refer to our Customer Service Plan for more information.

Unbeatable prices on this website

Don't spend hours trawling so-called low-fare websites. Spend less time searching and more time organising all the fun stuff you'll do at your destination! When it comes to getting Scoot's best fares, we guarantee you will find them on FlyScoot.com. You can book your tickets online, through our mobile app or via our Call Centre*.

Furthermore, we understand even the best of us may make mistakes in the excitement of booking our holidays. If you’ve made a mistake, fret not, for we will waive change fees** for any flight date/time change or correction to your personal details, where permitted by the fare rules, within 24 hrs from the time of your purchase. To minimise such mistakes, do read Scoot Booking 101 before making a booking.

Scoot’s rebooking and cancellation policies, fare types, fees and aircraft seating configuration are available on our website and, upon request, from our Call Centre.

*Booking fee applies.
**Fare difference top-up may apply. Changes are not permitted for interline bookings, except connecting flights between Scoot.

Keeping you updated

Scoot endeavours to notify our guests of significant delays and cancellations in a timely manner, either through email, SMS, website, social media or Call Centre. Our Call Centre is open 24-7 all year round, with English and other language-speaking customer service staff available to take your calls. To ensure we are able to reach you, remember to provide your email address and mobile no. that can be reached globally. Tip: Gmail may not work in China.

If you’ve booked your tickets through a travel agency, you can always contact our Call Centre to update* your contact details. For a full listing of our Call Centre details, Scoot here. Other frequently asked questions or self-help can be found on our website.

*Excludes travel agencies’ groups booking. Changes to travel info will be communicated through the travel agency.

Big IFs

If things don’t go as planned

Nobody likes delays, but unforeseen events or weather conditions can sometimes keep you grounded longer than you'd like. We'll do our part to ensure we don't contribute to delays, but in the rare case that a delay is attributable to our actions,except as provided for by any applicable Convention or applicable law, for delays beyond 3 hours, a SGD50 travel voucher* will be yours. For other direct costs such as hotel and ground transport expenses, we recommend that you always be covered by travel insurance.

In the event we significantly delay a flight, we will, to the best of our ability, provide meals, accommodation, assistance in rebooking** and transportation to the accommodation to mitigate inconveniences experienced by our guests resulting from such flight delays. We will not be liable to carry out these mitigating efforts in cases where flight delays and misconnections^ arise due to factors beyond the airline’s control, for example, acts of God, acts of war, terrorism, etc., but will do so on a best effort basis.

Scoot shall meet the needs of guest during lengthy tarmac delays, as provided in the Scoot Tarmac Delay Contingency Plan.

*Not valid if you do not travel.
**Fare difference top-up may apply.
^Refers to misconnection on the same itinerary to a Scoot flight only.

If we stand you up

If we cancel your flight due to a controllable irregularity and inform you of the cancellation less than 24 hours before departure, we'll ensure you get on a subsequent Scoot flight within 48 hours at no additional cost and also give you a SGD150 travel voucher for future travels.

If for any reason we cannot provide you with a flight within the next 48 hours, in addition to the SGD150 voucher, we’ll offer you a refund in travel voucher* at 120% of your unused itinerary value excluding any third party cost, such as travel insurance, hotel, etc.

If we inform you of any Schedule Change more than 24 hours before departure, please refer to our Conditions of Carriage for more details.

*For countries where refund to original mode of payment is mandatory, we'll offer you a refund equivalent to the value of your itinerary, subject to a reasonable administration fee, where applicable.


Scoot will inform you, upon your request, if the flight on which you are ticketed is overbooked. We also will provide information about our policies and procedures for handling situations when all ticketed guests cannot be accommodated on a flight, and will handle guests denied boarding with fairness and consistency in accordance with our policies.

Your Baggage

In the rare occasion when your baggage is delayed, we will make every reasonable effort to return mishandled baggage within 72 hours from the time it is reported and provide compensation for reasonable expenses associated with delayed delivery according to our policy, or as required by applicable international agreements. We encourage you to check our Conditions of Carriage for general exclusions on baggage claims before making a claim.


Scoot will provide prompt refunds after receiving a complete refund application, where refunds are due within 30 business days or as otherwise required by law or government regulation.

If you miss your flight

If you were unable to catch your outbound flight, Scoot reserves the right to cancel any return flight in the same booking without compensation. You are given 48 hours from the departure time of your outbound flight to contact Scoot to confirm you will travel on any return flight in the same booking, failing which, the return flight(s) may be automatically cancelled.

If on-board goodies aren't delivered

If any on-board ancillary product, for example seats or meals, you’ve pre-ordered cannot be delivered, and if no alternatives were offered, you may claim a SGD20 travel voucher or refund of the ancillary item purchased, whichever is higher. This excludes changes performed by Scoot for safety reasons.

Feedback handling

We will always ensure responsiveness to your feedback and will do our best to acknowledge a feedback within 30 days and provide a substantive response within 60 days of receiving it.