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Learn about the safety measures we have put in place to make traveling with Scoot a safer experience


This is how we do it in Scoot!

Escape The Ordinary and get your trip off to a great start by arriving at the boarding gate as early as possible. Use this information and enjoy a stress-free boarding experience.


Boarding Closing Time

You'll want to allow enough time to make your way to the gate, and your boarding pass will tell you when to expect boarding to start.

Do note that the boarding gate closes 20 minutes before your flight departs, and that some airports might have more than one security checkpoint or the gate could be a distance from the immigration counters. We recommend setting aside ample time to make your way to the boarding gate.


Boarding Sequence

Your boarding zone is printed on your boarding pass.

Keep your ears peeled for the boarding announcements and board in the sequence advised to ensure an orderly experience for all.

Boarding Sequence for B787 flights departing from Singapore:

Check in (First on board)

Boarding Sequence for A320 flights departing from Singapore::

Check in (First on board)


Check in (First on board)

If you ain’t first, you’re last

BoardMeFirst1gives you priority check-in and priority boarding privileges so you can beat the queues! You’ll be entitled to check-in for your flights at the ScootPlus priority check-in counter2. You’ll also be one of the first few to board the flight, which means more time to get comfortable and stow your luggage before take-off.

1BoardMeFirst is not available at the following airports - Haikou, Langkawi, Macau SAR  and Ipoh. 
2ScootPlus priority counters are only available at selected airports.

How to purchase BoardMeFirst

You can purchase BoardMeFirst online when you book your flights on

For more information on BoardMeFirst, refer to our FAQ



Cabin Baggage

In the interest of safety, please adhere to our cabin baggage allowance guidelines.

Check in (First on board)

Regardless of class, you are only allowed one piece of the cabin bag which must not exceed dimensions of 54cm x 38cm x 23cm (total linear dimensions cannot exceed 115cm). This cabin bag must fit the overhead compartment in the aircraft cabin.

The other smaller cabin baggage must not exceed the dimensions of 40cm X 30cm X 10cm and must be able to fit under the seat in front of you.

As we have limited space onboard the flight, cabin baggage that does not meet the guidelines could be offloaded.

Scoot will randomly monitor for excess cabin baggage at the boarding gate to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for all passengers.

International Duty-Free Restrictions

Restrictions on duty-free purchases apply when you are travelling to, from or via certain countries, cities and/or regions. Duty-free purchases that do not comply with these restrictions will be disposed at the gate. You are advised to purchase duty-free liquids, aerosols and gels only at your last point of departure.

To find out the restrictions for each country, we strongly encourage you to check the website of your departure airport before you fly.

Items that are not permitted will be disposed at the boarding gate.