Revenue Rebook

Revenue Rebook is an initiative where passengers booked on selected flights may be sent proactive email offers to accept voluntary flight changes in exchange for Scoot flight vouchers.


Q: Why is Scoot rolling out this initiative?
A: This initiative allows Scoot to optimise the use of our available seats, while giving you a chance to be rewarded for being flexible!

Q: How different will the alternative flights offered be? For example, will I be offered a flight that is a few days before or after my original flight, or will the alternative flight be on the same day with different timing? Would I be offered to change a nonstop flight to a flight with stops and vice versa?
A: Alternative flights offered may be up to 24 hours before or 72 hours after your original flight’s scheduled time of departure. If you have booked a nonstop flight, you will be offered alternative nonstop flights only. The same applies for flights with stops.

Q: Will I be offered this feature even if I have a connecting flight on a different airline afterwards?
A: If you have booked connecting flights operated by other airlines aside from Scoot in the same booking, you will not be offered alternative flights under this initiative.

Q: This seems to overlap with the FLEX feature. Is it related?
A: This initiative is not the same as Scoot’s FLEX add-on. If you wish to have flexibility to make date/time changes for your flights, consider adding FLEX when purchasing your flight tickets!

Q: What happens if I do not accept the email offer to change flights? Will my flight still be changed?
A: Fret not! Your existing booking will not be affected if you do not accept the offer to change flights.

Q: If I accept an offer to change flights, when will my booking be changed?
A: All passengers in your booking will be moved to your newly selected flight immediately after you accept the offer.

Q: Can I choose to only move selected passengers when I accept the offer to change flights?
A: No, all passengers in your booking will be moved to the new flight if you accept the offer to change flights.