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What’s Internship like at Scoot?...

Still studying? No worries, you can join us as interns! Get the full experience of working in Scoot, while fulfilling your internship requirements .You don’t just shred papers, photocopy documents, do filing etc. We empower our interns with important tasks to complete and thus, enrich their internship journey.

You get the equal opportunities as a full-time employee! So why wait?

Do you have...

  • Positive learning attitudegood team work and the ability to think quickly on the feet.
  • Flexibility to adopt and adapt to changes.
  • the 'Scootitude' DNA in you!
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Ground Intern

As our ground intern, you will get an exclusive preview of the aviation industry. You’ll be assigned to one of the departments in Scoot! While we understand you’re only an intern, we treat you like a full time staff! Therefore, we expect the commitment (and Scootitude) that as a full time staff!

Flying Intern

Heard a lot about our Flying Internship opportunities? Wondering if it’s too good to be true?

Well yes, you have not heard wrong! Come join us as flying interns! You get paid to travel while fulfilling your internship requirements.

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Exposing yourself to a diversity of culture is vital to personal growth, we are sure you would not want to miss Scoot’s!