The Frills

Freedom to choose what YOU want.

Your travel needs change with each trip, travel party and even with your mood. And only you know what you need. That's why we've got a multitude of in-flight options that you can pick and choose to customise your journey. You're in charge! You've got the power. Design your personal flight experience.


We'll assign you a seat by default so that at check-in you'll know exactly where you're gonna be sitting. But if you want to be sure to catch the view from a window at 30,000 feet, if you would rather be unencumbered along the aisle or if you prefer to sit with your friends and family, choose a seat while making your online booking!

In addition to our 31" standard seat pitch, we offer two ways to stretch and get comfy on board. And they won't burn a hole in your pocket.

Super Seats

These seats contain more legroom - up to 35", and will make your ride more convenient, more relaxing and all around sweeter, all for a small fee.

Stretch Seats

Whether you're tall or you're small, you deserve to sprawl. These upfront or bulkhead seats have the most legroom of all, and are also available for a fee.


You know the feeling. Everything's taken care of as your flight's booked, your car's rented and your sun tan lotion is in the bag. Now take care of your tummy. We will stock our larders with drool-worthy local favourites from all of our destinations. Vegetarians and Muslim meals will also be available. So fill up on board! Drinks sold separately.

Pack More

Carry-on baggage allowances are 7kg + laptop (up to a max of 10kg) for any economy fare, and 15kg for ScootBiz fares. But are you agonising over what to include and what to toss out of your cabin bag? Save yourself the unnecessary stress and book between 15kg and 40kg of check-in baggage allowance for your flight. Pre-booking checked baggage online can save you as much as S$640 (A$512).

We want you to be as clear as possible, so click on the link below to get the full list of fees related to baggage.

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Snooze Kit

When the lights go down in the cabin, it’s time to curl up and get some ZZZs. And we've got the equipment you'll need for the ultimate dreamtime odyssey. Comfy blankets, pillows, eye masks, socks and earplugs are available as a set for pre-order online or purchase on board.

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