Advisory on emails, phone calls and phishing websites

Due to recent feedback from our guests, we would like to issue a note of caution regarding e-mails and phone calls that make the false claim or misrepresentation of being from Scoot.

We also alert guests to the presence of phishing websites which appear similar to the Scoot webpage. We would like to clarify that the official website of Scoot is Any other website that claims to be the official website and booking platform of Scoot has no relation to, or association with, our airline.

In addition, we advise our guests to verify the authenticity of any e-mail or phone call claiming to represent Scoot before revealing any personal data.

Please feel free to contact us if you are in doubt or require further clarification. To report suspicious e-mail, phone calls and websites, please send us the relevant details via this link:  

The Scoot Team