Alipay Payment Instructions

Your booking will be on HOLD, until payment is made.

You’ve logged into your Alipay account and selected a payment channel, so what next? Simply follow the instructions below, and you’ll be set!

Instructions to complete your Alipay payment

Step 1: Proceed to any of the banks listed below to validate your payment.

Step 2: Once your payment is confirmed and verified by Alipay*, you’ll receive an email from us with your booking confirmation and PDF of your itinerary.

Step 3: If you’d like to check out your booking status, you can use our Manage Booking portal by clicking on ‘Manage My Booking’ (link is located at the bottom of the search widget on the right)

*It will take an estimated 2 working days for your payment to be validated, from the time it is made at your selected bank.

What if my payment is not successful?

Retrieve your booking via ‘Manage My Booking’, and choose another payment option.

List of banks to validate your payment:

1. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
2. Bank of China
3. China Merchant Bank
4. China Construction Bank 
5. Agricultural Bank of China 
6. Bank of Communication 
7. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank 
8. Guangdong Development Bank 
9. Industrial Bank 
10. China Mingshen Bank 
11. Shenzhen Development Bank 
12. China Citic Bank 
13. China Post 
14. China Everbright Bank 
15. Bank of Shanghai 
16. Huaxia Bank 
17. Bank of Wenzhou 
18. Jiaxing City Commercial Bank 
19. Guiyang Commercial Bank 
20. Taizhou Commercial Bank 
21. China Zheshang bank 
22. Bank of Chongqing 
23. Shunde Credit Union 
24. Changshu Rural Commercial Bank 
25. Changsha Commercial Bank 
26. Yichang City Commercial Bank 
27. Bank of Hangzhou 
28. Nanhai Credit Union 
29. Shenzhen Pin An Bank 
30. Zhejiang Mintai Commercial Bank
31. Fujian Haixia Bank 
32. Dongguan Rural Credit Cooperative Union 
33. ZhejiangTailong Commercial Bank 
34. Bank of Chengdu 
35. Bank of Nanchang 
36. Jincheng Commercial Bank 
37. Daqing Commercial Bank 
38. Huzhou Commercial Bank 
39. Zunyi Commercial Bank 
40. Bohai Bank 
41. Qishang Bank 
42. Nanjing 
43. Wujiang Rural Commercial Bank 
44. Shaoxing City Commercial Bank 
45. Evergrowing Bank 
46. Fudian Bank 
47. Bank of Inner Mongolia 
48. Changzhou Rural Credit Union 
49. Bank of NingBo 
50. Huishang Bank 
51. Bank of East Asia