Stories of Connection

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Stories of Connection

Our travel journeys are woven with remarkable stories. Each anecdote is shaped by the warmth of local hospitality, the charm of newfound friends and cherished experiences with family. And, sometimes, you don’t even need to wait for the next trip to spend quality time or show care to each other.

Sharing experiences to inspire others is a big part of Scoot With Heart. Tell us your stories of unforgettable connections or special memories made on holiday or in your ‘hood, and inspire others to get out, socialise and make barriers disappear.



Bonds that last a century

Uncle Wee’s homely flat in Queenstown has countless photographs and mementoes that paint a picture of his inspiring journey. The sociable 101-year-old treasures the moments spent sharing life with his guests. Despite his limited mobility, he is always ready with a big smile and finds ways to make everyone feel at home.

Home holds a different meaning for Uncle Wee. Born and raised in Indonesia, he made the journey to Singapore at the young age of 18 where he strived to build a new life by pursuing a successful career. He met his soulmate, took root and started a family. Through the years, he continued to stay connected with his relatives in Indonesia and built a special bond with his two grandnieces who he would often call and chat with for hours.


Hearts connected miles apart

It’s been almost six years since Ms Myrnamie Pelandas, known affectionately as Mie, saw her husband and two daughters in person. At 32, she made the difficult decision to leave her home in the Philippines to work in Singapore. It was especially heartrending for her as she had to entrust her daughters' care to his husband as her sacrifice to support her close-knit family and provide better education for her two girls.

Mie found solace in the company of her sister-in-law, Jessa, who also travelled to Singapore to work as a domestic helper while her mother raised their young son back in the Philippines. The two bonded over their shared connection and became close confidants. Mie and Jessa missed their children dearly and called home regularly, but constantly worried about missing out on important milestones in their children’s lives.