Scootees On Ground

COVID-19 has impacted all of us in one way or another, and we at Scoot are no exception.

Taking on brand new roles and responsibilities, many of our Scootees in Singapore have been deployed to hospitals to work as Care Ambassadors and to the Community Centres to help residents in applying for financial aid and more, in support of Singapore’s Covid-19 response. Nearly 400 crew have also been deployed to support other industries and taken on temporary employment, for example at ams Sensors Singapore in partnership with Scoot.

Those who are still operating flights have adapted well to our new enhanced safety measures. From donning the required Personal Protection Equipment while on duty to keeping a safe distance from passengers, our Scootees are working hard to ensure that that you have a safe and pleasant journey while travelling during this time.


No matter what, Scootitude is in our blood!

“My experience as a Community Support Executive has helped me to be better at assessing situations calmly and putting myself in someone else's shoes, qualities which I am sure will help me be an even better cabin crew when it is time to take to the skies again!” – Amanda Teng, Complex Leader

“I miss feeling connected to our passengers. I used to love chatting with them whenever there was time, but now I only engage them on safety issues or to assist passengers with special needs. It’s even difficult to exchange smiles when both the crew and passengers are wearing masks (laughs). But masks are required, of course!” – Cherene Quek, Cabin Crew-in-Charge & Team Leader

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