Meet Asmidar Corporate Staff

Corporate Staff

The people you’ll work with at our corporate office are inspired, dedicated staff who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure we enable more people to travel, and that our flights run smoothly and safely.

The Scoot Life

Our people are one of our biggest investments; from adoption of digital technology and tools to streamline work process, to putting our people through the skills training they need to work better and faster.

Employee wellness is a huge part of life here too - from employee experience surveys where we chart out how to improve life at Scoot based what YOU tell us… to our flexible benefit reimbursement scheme where staff can offset a wide range expenses that they value, such as health, vacation, fitness and wellness, personal development, and more.

But… forget about getting your own private office here! Instead, you can look forward to a friendly open-concept office, that alternates with flexible work-from-home arrangements –that's all part of the unique Scoot life.


You'll be right at home if...

• You’re looking for a place to grow, and love to get down and dirty without getting bogged down by formality (or a dress code)

• You embrace being who you are and saying what’s on your mind and do the same for others!

• You like it when life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get

• You enjoy mixing work and play, like, a lot

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Endless Opportunities

We’re an airline with big ambitions to be a force to be reckoned with. With us, you can look forward to opportunities to take on projects that push your limits and step up to new challenges on a regular basis that test your creativity and thinking skills. Because of our flat and open structure, you’re likely to find yourself working with people from all levels and departments too. Opportunities are available regardless if you’re a fresh graduate or an experienced hire.

Open Culture

The work culture that we have is built on a mixture of open and honest communication, efficiency, and a frank exchange of ideas. We foster this through our open-concept office, regular company-wide communication forums, annual employee experience surveys, and bonding activities to foster cross-departmental relationships. 

Never a Dull Moment

Due to the nature of the low-cost airline industry (competition: huge) and our mega-ambitions, work here can be incredibly fast paced and we like it that way! When you’re here, there’s always something new to look forward to and add to your “I got through THAT” list.



Every Day is a Fun Day

Apart from work, the Scoot team also has lots of fun. From Overcooked challenges to weirdly competitive office decoration contests, there is a slight risk of overdosing on fun while working in the office! Did we also mention our lack of a dress code?

A Tech-focused Culture

We won’t hesitate to adopt digital technology and tools to streamline work processes and help our people focus their time on work that is meaningful to them. From the latest teleconferencing, project management, and collaboration tools to automating tedious administrative processes with AI chatbots, we are continuously exploring ways to make working at Scoot more cutting-edge, productive, and efficient. 

The Future is YELLOW!

Scoot has a full pipeline of plans for the coming months, and years. From the careful and calibrated resumption of our routes in the meantime to working hard to constantly create the best flight experience for our customers. We look forward to a significant growth arc for Scoot in the next few years, and our employees will be a vital part of these plans coming to fruition.