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Scoot turns 10 this year, and in the spirit of continuing to provide fun and innovative experiences for our passengers, we have partnered with The Pokémon company to launch an exclusive livery and Pokémon themed in-flight experience for all adventure lovers!

Find out more about the specially curated aircraft livery, Pokémon flights experience, merchandise and more, or book your tickets on our upcoming flights on the new Pikachu Jet. Catch your adventure with us now!

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Pikachu Jet TR

Pikachu Jet livery

The white background with the petals and leaves fluttering comfortably throughout the design on Scoot’s Pikachu Jet TR is inspired by flower scents. Pikachu, Pichu, Shaymin, Psyduck, Lapras, Celebi and Meganium are depicted on the fuselage. There are also Pokémon hiding on both sides of the wings, so please try to look for them when boarding. They will go on many adventures with us all around the world, from the garden city of Singapore to other countries in the Scoot network!



Pokémon Air Adventures Experience


Onboard experience on the Pikachu Jet

On Board

From specially designed Pikachu Jet themed cups and serviettes to other onboard amenities, you’ll feel thoroughly immersed in the world of Pokémon on these flights. Did someone hear Pikachu calling? That’s right, he’ll be a part of our inflight announcements too! Join us for an adventure on the Pikachu Jet soon to experience these for yourself.

Ambience on board the Pikachu Jet


Beautiful on the outside and inside, the Pikachu Jet features a unique Pokémon character print on its overhead cabins as well. Be sure to catch some Pokémon on our seat rest covers too when you settle in for a little onboard snooze on our Pikachu Jet TR flights!

Meals on board the Pikachu Jet


Stay fuelled on your adventures with our savoury Japanese-inspired dishes and sweet treats served in original Pokémon packaging!

Scootitude activities on board the Pikachu Jet

Scootitude Activities

Scootees, we choose you! Enjoy a Scootitude surprise, specially prepared by our Scootees – depending on which flight you are on. You're in for a fun time!


Scoot | Pokémon Air Adventures Original Merchandise


Pikachu Jet Pokemon merchandise - Pokemon lanyard

Adventurer's Lanyard

Not just your regular lanyard! This special one comes with a subtle plane print on the strap, a soft case with an adorable Pikachu, as well as a mini hanging charm of our Pikachu Jet. Wear it on your neck and you’ll be the centre of attention among other adventurers!

Pikachu Jet Pokemon merchandise - Fly Away Pokemon bag

Fly Away Tote Bag

Up, up and away with Pikachu! This fun and colourful tote bag is the perfect companion for you when you Scoot to your next adventure. Fill it up with your travel essentials (and other adventuring tools)!

Pikachu Jet Pokemon merchandise - Pikachu bucket hat

Bucket Hat

Whether you are in the mood for something cool and subtle or flamboyant and quirky, Pikachu’s got you! This reversible bucket hat with black and bold accents on one side and a fun and bright style on the other will ensure that you’ll always look dapper while out on your adventures!

Pikachu Jet Pokemon merchandise - Aircraft-Model

Pikachu Jet Aircraft Model

The adventure doesn’t have to end after your journey! Embrace the fun and playful side of life with this Scoot Pikachu Jet aircraft model. Its vibrant livery easily makes this special edition the centerpiece of your collection. A unique travel memento or the perfect gift for aviation and Pokémon enthusiasts!


Flight Information


Flight DateFlight No. Departure Arrival Ready to Book?
03 Jul 2024TR808Singapore (SIN)Tokyo (NRT)Book now
04 Jul 2024TR809Tokyo (NRT)Singapore (SIN)Book now
17 Jul 2024TR818Singapore (SIN)Osaka (KIX)Book now
17 Jul 2024TR819Osaka (KIX)Singapore (SIN)Book now
30 Jul 2024TR842Singapore (SIN)Seoul (ICN)Book now
30 Jul 2024TR843Seoul (ICN)Singapore (SIN)Book now
05 Aug 2024TR808Singapore (SIN)Tokyo (NRT)Book now
06 Aug 2024TR809Tokyo (NRT)Singapore (SIN)Book now
18 Aug 2024TR820Singapore (SIN)Osaka (KIX)Book now
18 Aug 2024TR821Osaka (KIX)Singapore (SIN)Book now
29 Aug 2024TR842Singapore (SIN)Seoul (ICN)Book now
29 Aug 2024TR843Seoul (ICN)Singapore (SIN)Book now


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